wildfires prevention

5 essential tips to prevent wildfires

Bushfires are a huge problem facing the United States, particularly in states such as California, Texas, and North Carolina. Another country that has a huge bushfire problem is Australia. With modern equipment, meteorologists are easily able to forecast conditions that spark wildfires, such as windy and dry conditions. However, there are still steps that we can all take to prevent future wildfires.

1. Extinguish campfires when done

Campfires are a key culprit when it comes to wildfires. If you start a fire pit or campfire, always make sure that you completely extinguish it once you are done. You may use either ashes or water to ensure the fire is totally out. It is also important to keep your sleeping gear and tents away from the campfire to make sure that you do not fuel the fire. Loose branches and kindling around the campsite can also worsen the situation, so make sure you tidy up the area.

2. Don’t dump lit cigarettes out of your car

It is easy for smokers to throw out lit cigarettes from their moving car’s window. But this negligent action has a high likelihood of starting a wildfire. Keep in mind that in the right environment and the right conditions, cigarettes and matches have all the heat it takes to start a devastating bushfire. Cigarettes should be completely extinguished before they are thrown into the trash. Wildfires can start when you carelessly flick a cigarette button on the ground.

3. Exercise caution with inflammable liquids

It is always advisable to exercise extreme caution when using propane to refill heaters, stoves, and lanterns. These devices should only be refilled after they have completely cooled because flammable liquids can easily start a fire. Also make sure that any refilling with flammable chemicals is done outside the house rather than inside.

4. Follow local guidelines for burning trash

People who burn trash outside should ensure that they follow local rules and regulations. Areas that are windy or tend to be susceptible to bushfires will have restrictions for burning trash. Even if you are allowed to burn trash, make sure you have a fire extinguisher on the ready. This would allow you to quickly extinguish any small problems that try to get out of control before they become a huge issue.

5. Use fireworks carefully

Fireworks can easily trigger devastating bushfires that lead to billions of dollars in losses. It is important that people are aware of what to do and not do in order to prevent bushfires. Particularly during the 4th of July Holiday, many Americans love to light up crackers as they celebrate. Make sure not to use these things close to any flammable materials, woods, or anything that can fuel a bushfire.

When taken seriously, these simple tips can go a long way to prevent wildfires that can cause loss of life and property. You should also make sure to call 911 should you notice any fires that seem unattended, or that appear to be getting out of control (even if they are attended).